“Montse played host to my band, Lord Huron, several times when we came through Pandora. As an artist liaison, she was extremely helpful and accommodating. She understands an artist’s needs, and it shows. Even in high-pressure environments, Montse is driven, professional and artist-focused. Above all, it’s her passion, great attitude and kind personality that set her apart in the music world.”

 -Tom RenaudLord Huron

“From music festivals to charity events, Montse has always been a great guide and host to our band, The Mowgli’s. She also did a great job of making us feel right at home every time we visited the Pandora offices. In addition to conducting fun and casual interviews, she has always had a keen intuition about how to navigate the many personalities on our team, from musicians to management, and she has always helped us pinpoint exactly what it is our unique brand needs. The fact that Montse is a female who comes from a musical background has always made me comfortable and open around her, and I’m grateful that our individual career paths have connected us! Working with Montse has always been an absolute pleasure and I look very forward to watching her continued growth in the music world.”

 -Katie Jayne Earl, The Mowgli’s

“Montse is someone who loves music and it shows from the first time you meet her. I stopped by Pandora to play a little show and to meet everyone who works there and she made me feel so welcome right from the start. She’s driven, hyper-intelligent and kind. I truly wish that everyone else in the music industry was a lot more like her.”

 -Joshua Radin, Singer-Songwriter

“Montse is one of the most genuine and thoughtful people I have met in any part of the music industry.”

-Ryan Dobrowski, Blind Pilot

“We first met Montse through Pandora when we came to play in their offices in 2013, and we became fast friends. As an artist liaison, she was immediately welcoming, accommodating, and kind. What was apparent right away was how genuinely passionate she is about music and about the artists she works with. Not only does she want to do everything she can to help artists in their careers, but she does it with a warmth and kindness all too rare in the music industry today. That’s something you don’t forget. Over the years, we’ve crossed paths at festivals and beyond, where she’s always showed the same genuine welcoming spirit. Regardless of how insanely busy she is, she always finds time to sit down with us and catch up. She’s a true light in what can sometimes be a harrowing business, and I’m certain anyone who has been lucky enough to work with Montse would say the same.”

-Daniel Ellsworth, Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes

“Montse approaches every project with professionalism, flexibility, and an infectious enthusiasm. It’s always a pleasure to get to work together!”

-Eric Hutchinson, Singer-Songwriter

“I had the great pleasure of first working with Montse when I performed at the SXSW Pandora Discovery Den. It was my first time at SXSW and although I didn’t know exactly what to expect, I did hope to have a very successful performance. Montse made me feel safe and at home which is what an artist needs to be able to relax and focus on a great performance. She then invited me to come to the Pandora headquarters and perform live for them. Once again, her sweet personality and thoughtfulness made me feel at home… She’s genuine and cares about what she does! I can’t wait to work with her again soon!”

 -Antonique Smith, Grammy-nominated singer/actress

“I worked with Montse when my band Mackintosh Braun had an artist visit with Pandora. She was super friendly and hospitable, it made us feel right at home. Montse is a musician herself so it’s refreshing that she can see things from different angles. You can tell she’s passionate about music and that shines through in the work she does. Glad to call her a friend!”

Ben BraunMackintosh Braun (Musician/Producer)

“I first met Montse when she was our ‘artist liaison’ at Pandora. She was so genuinely kind and accommodating and helped answer all our questions about how Pandora works. It’s rare to meet someone who is optimistic enough to cheer up a cranky bunch of musicians but she really made us feel at home.

We’ve stayed friends since then and I’ve found her to be just as pleasant in her personal life. She always comes to my shows and offers to buy a ticket even though I’d gladly put her on the guest list. She’s a clear communicator and generous soul. I feel lucky to know her.”

-Sam Outlaw, Singer-Songwriter