Episode 9: Heather Maloney

Heather Maloney is a singer-songwriter based in Northampton, MA. She sings the theme song for this podcast! She is also my best friend. So, you'll have get through a bit of of us giggling and gushing, but it's worth it to hear her beautiful story - I promise!

In this episode, Heather shares how going through a bout of depression led her to spending three years at a silent meditation retreat center and how meditation changed her life. I love the simple but profound mantra that came to her during that time “If your heart is aching, let it ache.” We also talk about the power of female friendship and being mirrors to each other, long-distance friendships, being highly sensitive which she so perfectly describes as an “overload of information”, and about being independent in romantic relationships. Oh, and as I knew we would, we talk about our deep love for Joni Mitchell, and a whole lot more.

Heather also shares her favorite book, album, podcast and more!

This is a particularly special episode to me. I hope it feels like something special to you, too!

Where to find Heather:    Website    Instagram    Twitter    Facebook

Where to find Heather: