Episode 20: Beth Mathews and Daniel Ellsworth

In this episode, I’m talking to my good friends Daniel Ellsworth and Beth Mathews.

Beth is a graphic designer but also spends her time working on many impactful social justice projects, including The Mom Bag, a non-profit she started to help refugee mothers.

Daniel is a musician in the band Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes.

We touch on so many topics throughout this conversation - everything from dogs, their creative inspirations, to feelings of guilt, and anxiety. And speaking of anxiety - Beth has a super awesome “anxiety manual” she created to help those who struggle with it, and you should check out - it’s definitely helped me!

There are so many nuggets of wisdom throughout this chat as I knew there would be, because Dan and Beth are two of the best people I know.

Beth Daniel_Montse.jpg

Where to find Daniel and Beth:

Instagram: Beth and Daniel

Websites: Beth and Daniel