Episode 23: Jeffrey Martin and Mick Flannery

Jeffrey Martin is an internationally touring singer-songwriter based in Portland, OR. Mick Flannery is an award-winning singer-songwriter from Ireland.

These two share a deep appreciation for each other, many similarities, and a tour van occasionally. It was great to sit down with them while they were on tour recently and catch a glimpse into their friendship and hear their unique stories.

Jeffrey tells us about his decision to walk away from full-time teaching into full-time music. Mick shares about his own turn towards music as a career after working in a completely different profession. They discuss the transition from touring back to real life, and what - in addition to beer - helps them get through rough patches.

We also chat about Steinbeck’s tenderness and their “favorites” - books, music, memories and more!


Where to find Jeffrey:

Instagram and Website

Where to find Mick:

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