Episode 25: Katie Jayne Earl

Katie Jayne Earl is part of the Los Angeles band The Mowgli’s. She’s also a fierce advocate and does so much good in this world. I’ve been lucky to know Katie for a number of years now and have seen that first hand.

This conversation was both fun and deep. Katie speaks on how grieving holds value. On why it’s important to her to use her platform to do something that’s greater than herself. She reflects on all the women in her life who make her feel like “the closet purest version” of herself,  and why simply thinking of her best friends can be the key to getting through a rough patch.

We chat about how dating random people can be really weird, and she shares how her relationship with her husband and band-mate came to be. We also get all girly and talk about hair for a bit.

As always, you’ll hear her “favorites”: book, record, place, and memory.

Photo by Arielle Kasulke

Photo by Arielle Kasulke

Where to find Katie / The Mowgli’s:

Instagram: The Mowgli’s and Katie