Episode 27: Pico Iyer

Pico Iyer is a travel writer who has been to over 80 countries, the best-selling author of many books, and he has given TED talks that have reached millions. More importantly, he is one of the most genuine, generous, kind-hearted people I have ever come across. I had the honor of sitting down with him recently in Santa Barbara, California. It was one of the most special conversations of my life, and I’m so elated to be able to share it with you.

Pico talks about life without a cell phone, finding friends in books, losing everything he owned in a fire years ago, and how it brought him closer to the simple and beautiful life that he now has in Japan. We mused on the idea of home: how places can feel like people, and how we can be instinctively drawn to a place, as Pico calls them, our “secret homes.”

My friend Ayappa always says to me “quality recognizes quality” and those words rung in my mind as Pico recounted his friendships with the Dalai Lama, Leonard Cohen, Krista Tippett - and other incredible souls just like him.

Pico has long been one of my favorite writers but as I’ve gotten to know him he is quickly becoming one of my favorite people as well. Since I’ve learned so much from him, it feels fitting to have him as part of the “mentor series” of this podcast!

Pico is such a treasure and I know you are going to love hearing his story and all the wisdom he shares. Be sure to check out Pico’s interviews on Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations podcast and Krista Tippett’s On Being podcast as well.

Photo credit: Brigitte Lacombe

Photo credit: Brigitte Lacombe