Episode 31: Jessie McCall

Jessie McCall is a Portland-based photographer who has brought her camera on the road capturing the tours of some of your favorite musicians, and more recently can be found diving into the mystical world of underwater photography.  I’ve been photographed by her a number of times and I can tell you the magic she creates is something wonderfully unique. 

We cover many topics in this episode including, the truth of what we don’t always see behind fame, success or simply someone’s Instagram feed. The vulnerability of being single, and the growth that happens in a partnership. Finding beauty in our bodies no matter what shape or size we are, and Jessie shares who’s inspiring her to feel comfortable in her own skin. She tells us what she does to get on the other side of a bad day, the story of her mother’s incredible life as a journalist for LIFE magazine, her own artistic path as a photographer with an emphasis on capturing the evocative raw nature of humanity. 

If you are an artist - or have an artist’s soul - so many things in this conversation are going to speak to you. 

The photos she captures are some of the most striking images I’ve come across, and as you’ll hear her story is just as captivating.