Ep. 32: WALK THE MOON (Lead Singer, Nicholas Petricca)

Nicholas Petricca is the lead singer of pop-rock band WALK THE MOON and is also an incredibly thoughtful, deep soul as you’ll hear in this episode! 

In this conversation, we dive deep and talk about art and expression - as he says “we’re either expressing or suppressing”.  He speaks on how being a touring musician is like living multiple lives, his greatest teachers, and we unpack anxiety and learning how to banish self-judgement. Nicholas also speaks on the heartbreaking loss of his father to Alzheimer’s and how Kundalini yoga helped him cope with this incredibly painful time in his life. 

I can’t stop thinking about the line you hear Nicholas say at the top of this intro… “Everything is a gift if you allow it to be. Pain is information about what matters to you.” 

I’ve been a fan of WALK THE MOON for years and it was such a treat to sit down with Nicholas over tea in his beautiful home. I left our conversation feeling so touched by his honesty and depth and I’m certain you will too. 

Photo Credit:  Anna Lee

Photo Credit: Anna Lee

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