Ep. 34: Sam Lamott

Sam Lamott is the creator of the Hello Humans website and How To Human podcast. If you like this podcast you should definitely check his out as well! He’s had many wonderful guests including Brené Brown, Byron Katie and his mom Anne Lamott. 

In this conversation, we get deep real fast and cover many important topics. I love that Sam speaks so openly and honestly about his story. He talks about being the sensitive kid who didn’t feel like he belonged. About being an addict and getting sober at 22. On being a young dad. Learning how to live well with depression. On getting past envy, and how to keep going, even when you feel like a failure.

He also tells us how pain has been his biggest teacher, and we talk about how the smallest moments of kindness can make a major impact on ourselves and others.

If you’ve struggled with any kind of addiction, I think it will be especially powerful for you to hear Sam’s story, but no matter who you are or what you’re going through, I think you will find plenty of wisdom, comfort and inspiration throughout the episode.