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A little about me

I've been drawn to artistic living for as long as I can remember - literally, one of my earliest memories (in Barcelona, Spain circa 1986) is begging my pre-school teacher to let me direct a play with my little friends. (It worked!)

I am named after a mountain just outside Barcelona, Spain where I spent my early childhood. I grew up bi-culturally, with a Spanish/French mother and Colombian-born American father. My nomadic parents took me from D.C. to Spain, to Vermont, and eventually to Boston. I have since lived in London, NYC, Denver, San Francisco - and currently reside in Portland, Oregon! 

I have worked in various areas of the music industry: artist relations, programming, and global marketing for music companies including Sony Music Entertainment, Pandora Media, and a few non-profits (such as the San Francisco Symphony, Boston Ballet and Take Note Colorado). I've also spent time working in artist management – both as an independent manager and as a Day-to-Day for a management company. Most recently I worked for Amazon’s Goodreads (my other passion, books!). 

I received my B.M. from Berklee College of Music and M.S. from Boston University.

I have had the greatest fortune to work with and interview hundreds of artists (musicians, authors, and photographers). I am most inspired by those who carve their own artistic path by being authentically who they are - and getting to listen to each artist's story is one of my favorite things.

I'm currently dividing my time on a variety of projects: mentoring and teaching music business students, managing artists, and creating my podcast “Musings of the Artist: (Honest) Conversations with Montse Andrée.”